What to expect at your appointment

 Your child will be seen by one of our doctors.

The length of the appointment will vary, and depends on the reason we need to see your child. You are expected to attend the appointment with your child.
Initial assessments usually include a discussion about your concerns and how your child is managing at home, nursery or school.
We will ask for detailed information regarding factors that affect your child’s health and development, for example your child’s birth and social situation, family structure and housing. This may be followed by a physical examination.

After your appointment

There are a number of possible outcomes at the end of your first appointment:

  • You may be given some advice and strategies to help your child and no further reviews may be needed, unless there is any concern in the future
  • Further assessment sessions may be required to gain a clearer understanding of your child’s strengths and needs
  • Your child may be referred to another professional for further assessment which may include blood work and medical tests.