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Orthodontic Treatments Walton-on-Thames

First-class, affordable orthodontic treatments in Walton-on-Thames
If you have crooked or crowded teeth, and you dream of a beautiful, straight smile, we have a sensational selection of cutting-edge orthodontic treatments available.

What is orthodontic treatment?
Orthodontics is a specialist field of dentistry that deals with the alignment of the teeth and jaws. If your teeth are misaligned, or you have an uneven or imbalanced bite (this term relates to the relationship between the top and bottom of arches of teeth when the jaw is closed), orthodontic treatment, which usually involves wearing braces for a period of time, can help to straighten the teeth, giving you a stunning smile.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment
If you’re toying with the idea of seeing an orthodontist to explore treatment options and find out more about orthodontic treatment, you may be surprised to hear just how far-ranging the benefits are. Many people choose to have braces to improve the aesthetic of the smile, but professional treatment can also enhance oral health, increase confidence, eliminate speech issues, and make it easier to clean the teeth properly.  

Orthodontic treatments at EgoDent
At EgoDent, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the finest orthodontic treatment in Walton-on-Thames and beyond. We have a team of experts on hand to provide painless, effective treatment. It is often assumed that braces are cumbersome, unsightly, and painful, but the field of orthodontics has advanced at lightning speed, and new treatments are rapid, discreet, and comfortable. We are proud to offer the latest treatments provided by highly-trained specialists, and we have an outstanding track record.

To find out more about our innovative orthodontic services or any of our cosmetic or restorative dental treatments, simply give us a call on 01932 988 460 or fill in an online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Whether you require to whiten your teeth, align them by receiving a dental brace or enhance their appearance via crowns or veneers, you can always count on us.

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