General Medicine

Benefits of Regular Check-ups

Regular health check ups are a great way to discuss any health concerns and health issues before they become serious. Rather than wait for problems to manifest themselves, a health check up will give you the time to discuss your worries and any lifestyle concerns with a doctor in a no-rush environment which is not always possible in a busy GP’s surgery.
EgoDent offers informative and thorough health checks in our clinic in Stanmore for complete reassurance and peace of mind.
  • Regular health check ups can identify health risks early on before they have had time to cause a problem. Both chronic and acute conditions can benefit from early diagnosis and the big one that everybody focuses on is cancer as early detection can considerably enhance a positive outcome

  • Discuss positive lifestyle changes with your doctor including giving up smoking, losing weight and taking more exercise
  • Assess your family history as you could be at risk of inherited conditions – this is the time to discuss the statistics and how you can reduce your risk of developing serious diseases

  • Specific health screening can be put in place if age, gender, family history and overall health suggest this may be helpful

  • Medicine is constantly evolving and early prevention and detection of disease are the watchwords. The NHS recommends that everyone aged between 40 and 74 should have a health check every five years to stay ahead of the curve and keep in touch with new developments and protocols in medicine
Having regular health check ups is empowering rather than something to be worried about. Take control of your life and your health and book a health check at our clinic in Stanmore.
Take time to discuss your concerns and any worries and debate lifestyle issues that you would like to improve in a caring and professional environment which can signpost you to other services if necessary.