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Teeth Whitening in Walton-on-Thames

Over time teeth can become stained and discoloured. This happens for a variety of reasons including smoking, drinking a lot of tea, coffee or red wine and eating a lot of spicy food. Trauma and illness can also make your teeth appear darker.


Fortunately, there are ways to brighten and whiten your teeth to make them look clean and to bring back the sparkle. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental procedure with more people wanting this treatment to makeover their teeth.


We recommend that you have your teeth whitened safely and professionally and that it is overseen by a dental expert. Your teeth and gums can be permanently damaged if you use over the counter products.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

At EgoDent we offer Enlighten teeth whitening. This is a combination tooth whitening treatment which means you have some of the treatment carried out at the surgery and the rest is carried out in the convenience of your home.


Your dentist will make a bespoke dental mould which fits on to your teeth. Once these dental moulds or trays are ready, you wear them at home for 2 weeks overnight. The whitening trays are filled with a special gel which passes through your dental enamel breaking down stains by chemical oxidation. It is important that you wear your whitening trays for the recommended length of time. After 2 weeks, you will come back to our surgery for the final 40 minutes of treatment from one of our expert dentists. You will then leave our dental surgery with a brand-new stunning smile!


At EgoDent our staff are all highly trained and experts in the teeth whitening process, we can tell you more about the process and the benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening when you book to see us for a consultation.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening With Enlighten

Widely acknowledged as an effective system, Enlighten is the only teeth whitening procedure which guarantees a B1 shade for every patient


● With Enlighten, you’ll get long-lasting results with most patients not needing to repeat the process for another 3 years
● Enlighten teeth whitening is completely safe and does not harm the teeth
● Boost your confidence and enjoy a dazzling new smile with Enlighten teeth whitening
● Enlighten teeth whitening treats your teeth overnight so it is completely painless and carried out at a convenient time to you
● You’ll get instant results in just 14 days
● This is an inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure that can quickly update your smile


If you have lost teeth due to tooth decay or even a potential injury you could be a candidate for dental implants in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Dental implants have become very popular due to their durability and their ability to preserve natural bone.


EgoDent first opened in 2017 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We started with just one dental chair offering patients a wide range of services and a high level of patient care. Since that time, we have grown and expanded. We are now a dental clinic with more staff and more patients. We still offer a high level of services and we still are renowned for our high-quality care and attention.

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