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Restorative Services at EgoDent

Time and wear and tear can take its toll on our teeth, leading to issues such as cavities and broken teeth. There is no need to put up with niggling issues or painful teeth.


Restorative dentistry helps to improve your dental health. It can help with the way that you chew your food and in overcoming any pain. It can also help your general health and confidence by improving your smile, speech and the shape of your face.


During your routine dental examination, you can tell your dentist what is bothering you, and they can make recommendations about which treatment is best for you and your oral health.


If your tooth has been damaged through decay or trauma, a dental filling will restore your tooth to its normal shape and function. It will also protect the health of your tooth as well as protecting the health of the adjacent teeth. Fillings can be white, gold or silver. White fillings have become more popular; we match the filling to the colour of your existing teeth so that it blends in naturally.


A dental crown is used to repair a cracked, fractured or badly decayed tooth. Dental crowns are strong and have a natural-looking appearance. You may need two appointments to fit your crown as it has to be custom made for your teeth. In the first appointment, your tooth is cleaned and prepared and an impression taken so that your crown can be built. You may be fitted with a temporary crown at this stage until your permanent crown has been made for you. At your next appointment, your permanent crown will be fitted.


Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge usually consists of a fake tooth which is located between two crowns or existing teeth surrounding the gap. They are natural-looking and strong enough to perform like your natural teeth. They enhance your smile and improve the way in which you bite together. A dental bridge also reduces pressure from the surrounding natural teeth.


If you’re missing some teeth or all of your teeth and want a cost-effective solution, dentures can be made and fitted for you. They are usually made from an acrylic resin. As well as making and fitting your dentures, we can fix any issues such as cracks, chips or breaks to your dentures.


You can lose teeth for a variety of reasons including tooth decay, injury or illness. Whatever the reason, missing teeth can be embarrassing and seriously affect your self-esteem. You may lack confidence and not want to smile. Fortunately, there is a solution. 


EgoDent first opened in 2017 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We started with just one dental chair offering patients a wide range of services and a high level of patient care. Since that time, we have grown and expanded. We are now a dental clinic with more staff and more patients. We still offer a high level of services and we still are renowned for our high-quality care and attention.

EgoDent Dental Clinic is a trading name of EGODENT LTD which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Reference Number: 820774. Company registration: 11071274.

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