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    The Field of Dermatology

    The skin is the largest organ of the body. It maintains a balance between various parameters of our body and is the first barrier that protects us against the aggression of external factors, such as infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites).
    Dermatology is the medical specialty that deals with the study of skin conditions (skin diseases), skin appendages (hair and nails) and adjacent mucous membranes (oral cavity and genitals).
    The dermatologist diagnoses and recommends the treatment of over 3000 conditions, including skin cancers (for example: melanoma), inflammatory and infectious skin diseases, acne, sexually transmitted diseases, skin aging problems, etc.

    Reasons to see a Dermatologist

  • PREVENTION: Patients can schedule an annual ROUTINE check-up at the dermatologist to assess the health of the skin, skin appendages, and adjacent mucous membranes.
  • DIAGNOSIS: The dermatologist is consulted by most patients for a dermatological consultation when they face injuries on the body (eg: spots, moles, growths, etc.) or other problems that require the doctor’s attention.
  • TREATMENT: Following a diagnosis, patients consult a dermatologist to recommend a treatment and to monitor the evolution of the condition and the response to treatment.

    The dermatological consultation consists of:
    1. Medical History – The doctor discusses with the patient about the disease, about the medical history and previous investigations.
    2. Clinical Examination – Examination of lesions on the skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes.
    3. Diagnosis
    4. Recommendation Of Additional Investigations – Laboratory tests, Dermatoscopy, etc.
    5. Treatment Recommendation
    6. Special Recommendations – For skin care and appendages; to prevent the appearance of diseases and for a healthy appearance
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